investorseurope, Mauritius, is the largest provider of Online Trading Platforms in the world. Today, 37 different online trading platforms provide investors across the globe with a real and unique choice of trading avenues so that by choosing our RockFX trading platform to trade FOREX, you are choosing a Best-of-Breed FX Trading Platform from one of the world’s leading experts in the online trading area.

The design of our Offshore Trading Platforms is based on the company’s expertise as to what its investors prefer for the online trading of currencies and foreign exchange right at the coal face within foreign exchange markets. Since 2001, Investors Europe has had the same tunnel vision of providing investors with exactly the same professional standards and advantages available to professional traders.

Through RockFX, investorseurope offers you:

Fixed Effective Spreads: in all market conditions*
Streaming Rates: real-time prices accurately reflecting the interbank FX market
Automatic Execution: 99.18% of all orders are automatically executed, never touched by a human dealer**
Leverage: Six different leverage ratios to choose from 50:1 to 400:1***
Multiple Order Types: place buy entry stops, buy entry limits, sell entry stops, sell entry limits; market orders
Integrated Risk Management: Establish up to five stops and limits per order, including trailing stops.
In Control Anytime, Anywhere: Single username and password for your platform and charts