Establishing residency in Gibraltar can provide significant fiscal and lifestyle advantages in a common law international financial centre within reach in the EU itself.

These  include:

  • Maximum annual tax payable under £26,000.
  • Minimum annual tax payable of £20,000.
  • No requirement to disclose worldwide income (spouse & family income can be included)
  • No minimum physical presence to retain residency.

Under Category 2 rules, you are subject to a cap on your tax liability with income tax payable only on the first £70,000 of taxable income which arises in, or is remitted to, Gibraltar, meaning a maximum annual tax liability of £26,000 or less. Taxable income does not include capital gains, gifts, income from savings with minimum annual tax liability of £20,000 applicable on a pro rata temporis basis for the first year of arrival.

For you to become a Category 2 Trader/High Net Worth Investor resident in Gibraltar, you must:

  • have a minimum net worth of £2 million
  • have exclusive use of approved property in Gibraltar. (purchased or rented. No minimum physical presence required)
  • not undertake any Gibraltar business activities that compete with local entities

How Investors Europe can assist

As well as helping you to open a Category 2 Online Trading Account and transferring your investment portfolio to Gibraltar, Investors Europe can help by putting you in touch with the Finance Centre approving your Cat 2 Application as well as to the best, tried and trusted professionals for:

The Category 2 application process
HNWI  Real estate Purchase/ Rental
HNWI Bank(s)
HNWI specialised Lawyer(s).
Auditors/ Chartered Accountants working with HNWI
The creation and management of offshore trusts and companies.
Transferring pension rights accrued overseas to Gibraltar.

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