investorseurope was originally founded in 2001 in Gibraltar (Europort, GX11 1AA) and has since become one of Asia’s largest independently owned online trading stock brokers. It is today based and regulated from Mauritius as an execution-only broker, has no portfolio and does not run any proprietary positions.

Investors Europe is an execution-only stock broker offering the highest levels of client protection by continuing to hold MiFID client portfolios in the UK rather than in the Eurozone or euro area. This is because its Board of Directors believes that the UK currently offers higher levels of overall protection to underlying clients under the UK’s Investor Protection Scheme  than would be the case with euro area countries.

The company’s business model is a regulatory benchmark for the protection of clients because there can never be conflict between its own interests and those of its clients.

Based within the jurisdiction of Mauritius, our commitment to client protection knows no equal in Asia and we offer our clients the largest selection of online trading platforms in the world in total privacy.